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The FastRack was developed to suit the needs of large teams and event organisers, who have to be able to quickly and easily set up racking for a large number of bikes.


The overall length of the FastRack is 2.5 metres and will comfortably accommodate seven bikes that are topped and tailed for ease of access.


The FastRack is made from the same quality materials as it’s brother the PackRack, making it extremely sturdy but it of simpler construction allowing it to be set up or put away in seconds.


The flat profile of the beam lends itself to providing an ideal surface for promotional material, whilst the grippy strip on it’s upper surface reduced the movement of the bikes caused by wind or slopping ground.


Colour: Black
  • The FastRack is designed to support six mountain bikes or seven road bikes comfortably but will support more if racked carefully.

    The PackRack weighs 11.3 kilos, with a footprint of 3000 mm x 900 mm and a beam height of 1075 mm to the underside and when folded it measures 2500 mm x 120 mm x 70 mm.

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