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Here are a few things to consider when setting up an event that caters to people attending by bicycle:

• Consider the proximity of any bike racking to the venue or event facility, the closer the better.
• Does the location engender a sense of security?

Ground conditions
• Does the proposed site have hard standing, e.g. Tarmac?
• If the site is to grass, does it have a fi
rm substrata?
• If the site is to grass, has it been recently mown?
• If the site is to grass, has it been cleared of livestock for a sufficient period?

• Advertise that cycling to the event is encouraged and that bike parking has been arranged.
• Indicate multi modal routes in any promotional material, e.g. local train station to venue.

• Provide clear signage around the venue to the location of bike parking provision.
• Clearly indicate the level of security that you accept.
• Clearly indicate the temporary nature of the bike parking facility and the timing of the removal of the facility.

• Allow sufficient space for the number of bikes needed to be catered for (we can assist with planning layouts).
• A minimum of 3.5 metres should be allowed between the centres of rows of racking to allow easy movement of users.
• We recommend that rows should be in multiples of 50 bikes with a 1.5 metre gap between multiples, again to allow easy movement of users.

Ring fencing
• Consider the use of crowd control barriers or better still, Heras type fencing, around the bike parking facility.
• Could the facility be indoors at the venue?

• Consider having the bike parking facility staffed as users arrive to assist with bike parking.
• Consider having the facility staffed throughout the duration of the event for security.

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