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Bike Stands

The OdPod came about when a friend of ours had entered an Iron Man event in Lanzarote and wanted an easy to use bicycle stand that could be easily stored in his bike's flight bag.

The Trakstand was developed at the request of and in conjunction with, one of the World’s top pro bike mechanics, Sandy Gilchrist.

Sandy is one of the team mechanics for the Ireland Track and Road Cycling teams. He’s also a team mechanic for Specialized, supporting elite triathletes riding Specialized bikes, most notably Flora Duffy OBE the 2016 & 2017 ITU World Champion.

Sandy was also instrumental in the development of the SGII Workstand. He needed a lightweight workstand to help prepare the Ireland team's track bikes before a race and workstands don't come any lighter than the SGII.


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