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Bespoke Products

With over forty years of experience in sheet metal work, picking up a City and Guilds in CAD drafting along the way, we are able to create a large range of bespoke products for our customers.

We love to listen to our customers because they have been the source of inspiration for all of our products and for the improvements we have made to products thanks to their feedback.

We also love a challenge, so bring your ideas to us and we'll bust a gut to make them a reality. Like when Sweet Spot need some hospitality counters for their VIP area, we based our solution on their existing counters but made them half the weight and better looking. Okay we cheated a bit and covered the galvanised steel panels with a carbon fibre effect vinyl wrap, but they were so happy with the first one we made that they ordered another two.

Just one proviso, whatever it is you need, it must be a bike related problem you need help with.


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