The OdPod is an award winning, self-supporting bike stand that was designed to hold bikes with external or cassette type, bottom brackets.


The OdPod supports your bike by the bottom bracket and the position of the yokes adjusted to suit the width of your bike's bottom bracket. With it's simple design it folds flat for easy storage.


The OdPod is ideal to hold your bike steady while cleaning and can be a big help for minor maintenance and repairs. Its design also allows the front wheel to be removed and the cranks to be rotated from either side of the bike whilst your bike is supported.


Originally made to suit mountain bikes, we was soon realized that it could be used for road bikes, BMX bikes, in fact just about any kind of bicycle.


Colour: Red White and Blue
  • The OdPod is made from laser cut steel but weighs just over 1 kilo and will support the weight of the heaviest bicycle.

    The supporting yokes are injection moulded Grivory with an internal diameter of 45 milimeters and can be repositioned to accommodate widths of 62 mm, 68 mm and 74 mm.